How to Design a Website

Many wanted to design their website but afraid to do so. This thing shouldn’t be frightened of. There are simple guides and tips which can make life easier and can help build confidence in creating and designing the website. Many are thinking that they should be an expert to design their website. Please get that mindset. It does not necessarily need to have expensive tools to build and develop websites.

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Shamir Kumar Nandy reminds -Things to Remember When Planning to Design a Website

Do research first and know what the best is and what’s not for the website. As all the people see, they are making their website to make sure that it will catch the attention of their visitors. Visitors will probably leave if they find the website layout and design not appealing to their eyes. Always remember the first impression last. So any owners of the websites would want their customers to feel good from the time they enter the home page of their website.

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Know some simple guidelines and tips on How to Design a Website:

1. Always know and understood what the site’s purpose is

When planning and trying to design the website, this is the first thing to consider. Know its purpose! Know about the USP or unique selling point. Do not just be content with the niche to be the goal of the website. People visiting the website are all-wise and intelligent enough to look for more. Always know what the purpose of why the website needs to be done is. Be sure of what is wanted and to be achieved on the web site’s overall look, whether to sell or to give out information.

2. Do the research and know the latest trends

For a website owner, Shamir Kumar Nandy mentioned that they would not want their website to look outdated or old fashion. In the digital era now everything evolves so quickly. It is advised to do research on the latest trends and designs and also look for some existing competitors and see how the website can fit in.

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3. Choosing the Best Platform

For those who are still a start-up and thinking of getting the best web designers, the first thing to do is to look into the budget cause this will be expensive. But don’t lose hope! There are many platforms to choose from over the internet where it can help build and design the website. Try to DIY everything. There are a lot of right platforms which can give the best and quality of work. The best platform includes WordPress and Wix.

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4. After choosing the best platform, select the theme or template.

The platform that will be chosen to use will offer a lot of excellent themes. Always select an article that best suits the niche and services offered. This would be easy because the owner of the website already picked its purpose at first.

5. After choosing a theme, here comes the time to design and select the brand.

When designing, it is essential to focus on what is the overall branding. Here is the time to decide what colour scheme will be used, font style, and what images will be used to make the website look like a modest website.

6. After designing, it is essential to know how to add in and optimize the content.

In this step, the owner will be looking forward to what to add to the website so remember these two things: positioning and optimization. Positioning is where the content is located on each page, and optimization is the process of helping the website to rank on the search engine.

7. After making all the mentioned above, it’s time to publish the website.

Before publishing and going, it lives to make sure of all the mentioned above steps. Checking and making sure that nothing is missed. Website owners would want their website to be perfect.

8. Always check for new updates, analyse and improve the website

After following all the steps mentioned above, the website owner can now proudly say that he owns a live website. For all first-timers and afraid to make their website, always remember to be updated and know what is the latest trend to keep on track.

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